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03/05 asiusa web-link release

Aerial Specialists Acquires FABTEK from the Hyster Corporation

Racine, WI: Aerial Specialists Inc-USA announced that it has acquired the complete FABTEK Service Parts Inventory from the Hyster Corporation.

Genuine FABTEK components and replacement parts are now available from Aerial Specialists including support for the earlier version of ALTITUDE lines of work platforms. FABTEK was a major supplier of aerial work platforms beginning in the mid-1970's, producing multiple versions of vertical lifts and boom lifts.

Later, in the early 1980's, FABTEK was acquired by the Hyster Corporation. Hyster Corporation manufactured its own line aerial work platforms until the late 1980's when it ceased its aerial work platform production operations.

Aerial Specialists Inc-USA maintains the "Largest Listing" aerial work platform support database in the US, supporting over 75 brands of US manufactured aerial work platform equipment.

For information, please call: (262) 632-0123, fax: (262) 632-2458 or


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